Environmentally Minded
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Conserving Our Natural Resources

Sustaining our natural environment through responsible and environmentally-friendly practices is an achievable goal. The websites listed below contain specialized knowledge on how best to build, maintain and enhance our homes and yards in an environmentally sustainable manner. We encourage our residents and others to view the simple guidelines below and help keep our Viera environment healthy for generations to come.

The 21st Century Home - Sustainable and Green

By making your home sustainable and green, it becomes healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient - and it will save you money! Today’s techniques and materials offer a variety of practical and affordable ways (from energy efficient cooling, heating, appliances and lighting, to sustainable and nontoxic building materials) to make your home greener. Learn more about cost-effective measures to make your home healthier and reduce energy use by visiting the following links online:





Florida Landscaping and Water Conservation - Sustainable Water Application, Fertilizers and Pesticides

There are many educational resources available to help Viera’s residents reduce pollution, conserve water and enhance their environment by improving home and landscape management. For example, the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) program is a partnership of the University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences , Florida’s Water Management Districts, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and non-governmental groups which emphasizes “Florida Friendly Landscape” principles, methods and materials to address pollution in storm water runoff, water shortages and disappearing habitats. Learn more about the FYN program and additional practices that that will benefit the environment and save you money by visiting the following link online:




Master-Planned to Reduce Automobile Use by Residents, Employees and Businesses

One objective of Viera’s master plan is to reduce dependence on the automobile by compact mixed-use development and emphasizing alternative transportation forms such as public transit, cycling and walking. Learn more about these and other approaches such as bus service, van pools, ride sharing and park and ride facilities by visiting the following link online: